Exporting contacts or members to Mailchimp

If you have connected your system to Mailchimp, you can export segments of contacts and/or loyalty members you create in the campaigns module to Mailchimp to market to them via email. To do this, after creating your segment and saving your campaign, press the Export to Mailchimp button.

Note: By default, name, email and phone number will be exported to Mailchimp. If you would like to export additional fields, such as birthday, see Exporting additional fields to Mailchimp.

You can then select whether to export the members to an existing Mailchimp audience or to a new audience.

Note: Only contacts or members who have consent to marketing set to yes will be exported to Mailchimp.

To export to an existing audience, select the audience from the dropdown list.

You can also add tags to your members, to tag them in Mailchimp so you can target them with a specific email relevant to the campaign. If you have already saved your campaign, the tag will default to the name of the campaign. If you haven't yet saved your campaign you can enter the desired tag in the Mailing list tags field & press Enter, or click the Enter icon

Finally press Export. The members from your campaign will be added to the selected Mailchimp audience with the specified tag.

To export to a new audience, select New from the Mailchimp list. You will be prompted to add the details you want to apply to this new audience in Mailchimp. You can also specify a tag as with exporting to an existing audience.

When you have entered the details press Export and the members will be added to your new audience with the specified tag.

When exporting to a new audience it is a good idea to check that none of the contacts or members have unsubscribed from any existing audiences to ensure you don’t email people who have unsubscribed. If you are exporting to an existing audience and someone has unsubscribed, Mailchimp will retain the unsubscribed status. 

For this reason it is recommended to export to campaigns to a single audience and use tags to separate the campaigns.

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