Segmenting your contacts & members

From the Campaigns module you can segment your members to run targeted marketing campaigns. Once you have created a segment you can export it to Mailchimp for email marketing, export to CSV, or add the members to a group so you can allocate them to a promotion and send them push notification.

To create your segments you can filter contacts & members by:

  • Last visit - before / after
  • Number of visits - more than / less than, within given date range
  • Spend - more than / less than, within given date range
  • Purchases - specific products or categories purchases within given date range
  • Member groups - members that belong to specific groups
  • Birthday - members who's birthday is within a given date range

Note: If you include contacts in your filter results that will restrict the option to filter by birthday or group as those criteria only apply to members. You will also not be able to add your segment to a group, as only members can belong to groups. If you would like to add your filtered results to a group, or filter by group, select just members on the filter at the top of the page.

You can apply multiple filters to create your segments. 

To add a filter, select the criteria you would like to filter on in the dropdown next to Add a filter.

You can then select the criteria for this filter. 

For example, for Last visit, you select whether you want to return members who have visited Before or After a certain date, and then select the date.

You can then add further filters as needed, selecting the criteria relevant to each.

Once you have selected all of your criteria, press Preview export to see the list of contacts/members your filter returns in the lefthand panel.

Once you have created a segment you will want to export them Mailchimp, add them to a group (members only), or export them to a CSV file.

Note: Ensure you are following your GDPR policy in respect to storing or communicating CSV files with members personal details.


Some example segments you could create using the filters are:

Regulars who've visits have dropped off

You could create a segment for members who have visited your venue more than 5 times in the last 6 months, but who’s last visit was over 1 month ago. You could then send these members an email with an offer or event, or create the an exclusive promotion and push this to their loyalty passes.

Marketing for a cocktail promotion

If you want to run a campaign for a 241 cocktail promotion, you could create a segment for members who have purchased a cocktail in the last 6 months. You could then create group with these members and push the promotion to send them a push notification.

Marketing to high spenders

If you want to run a campaign to reward and encourage further visits from your high spenders, you could create a segment for members who have spent more than £300 (experiment with an amount to suit your venue) in the last 3 months.

Marketing for a birthday drink

If you would like to a run a campaign offering your customers a birthday drink during their birthday month, you can create a segment for those members. As well as emailing the members from Mailchimp you can create a group from the results & assign the group to the promotion.

Contacts who have booked with you in the last 6 months

You could run a campaign to encourage contacts who have booked with you in the last 6 months to sign up to your loyalty scheme.

Contact or members who have booked with you in the last year

If you are running an event, you could market it to everyone (contacts or members) who you knopw has visited your venue in the last 12 months.

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