Contacts & Members

Customers details are stored in the system when you need them to handle a customers request (e.g. a booking) or when a customer has signed up to your loyalty scheme. There are two types of customer record in the system - contacts and members.


Contacts are customers who have previously made or requested a booking with you and provided an email address. Contacts details are stored in the system so you can easily retrieve this information when recording future bookings, as well as see a contact's booking history with you.

You can also segment your contacts in the Campaigns module and export your segments to Mailchimp (For contacts who opted in to marketing at the time of making their booking).

Note: If a contact who has opted into marketing when making a booking fails to opt in on a subsequent booking, their marketing consent will be retained, as they have not explicitly opted out. If instead you would like contacts to be opted out if they make any booking request where they haven't ticked the consent box, you can switch off retain marketing consent in the booking tab of the set up module.


Members are customers who have signed up to your loyalty scheme, either in venue, or via your website. You can retrieve a member's details when making a booking in a similar way to a contact.

You can allocate your members to groups and exclusive promotions, and set up a loyalty points scheme for them to earn and redeem points.

You can segment your members in the Campaigns module and export your segments to Mailchimp (as long as they have provided marketing consent), or add them to groups so you can easily allocate them to promotions and send them push notifications.

If a new member matches the email address of an existing contact in your system, the contact will be converted to a member. Any booking and spend history for the contact will be automatically linked to the member.

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