Nested recipes

If you make your own sauces, cocktail syrups, or burger patties, you may want to create products with recipes that can themselves be used as ingredients in other recipes.

One way to achieve this is using nested recipes.

Note: A nested recipe is simply a product with a recipe added as an ingredient to another recipe. When the product is sold, all ingredients will be deducted from both the main and the nested recipe. This makes these a good choice if you make the nested recipe around the time of a sale and never hold stock of the batches you make. 

If you want to track the batches you make and be able to count then on a stocktake you should instead use batch products.

If you want to enter recipes for larger batches than the portions that you sell e.g. a whole traybake, or batch of chile con carne, you can either use portions (if you don't need to be able to track and count your made up batches as you would sell them on the day e.g. pizza slices), or batch products (if you do want to be able to track the making of batches and count stock e.g. a traybake brownie).

If you want to use nested recipes you will first need to turn Allow nested recipes to On in the stock tab of the set up module.

You can the create your first nested recipe.

Adding a recipe to a product that will be used in other recipes is similar to adding a recipe to any product. The main difference is you will need to specify two additional fields:

  • Measurement unit - This is how you will measure your recipe, in terms of how much it makes (see below), and how much will be used as an ingredient of other recipes. Examples would be 'grams', 'ml', or just 'portions'.
  • Recipe makes - This is where you specify how much of the item the recipe you are including makes. You specify this in terms of the measurement unit.

Once these fields are set you can add your recipe to any product as an ingredient in the usual way. See adding recipes to products

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