Setting up batch products

Batch products are products you make in advance to use as ingredients to other products, or to sell over time in portions. 

You can record when you make a batch of a batch product and the system will add to the stock of the batch product and deduct from your stock of the ingredients required to make it.

Note: If you are setting up batch products on a central server and would like individual sites to be able to place orders (transfers) for the items, you will also need mark these as production centre products

To mark a product as a batch product, navigate to the product in the 'Products' section of your back office. Click on the stock tab and tick "This product has a recipe".

You will see a new tick box appear with the label "This is a batch product". Tick this box.

You will then need to specify the measurement unit for your product and the quantity (in this measurement unit) that your recipe makes. This is the stock that will be added to the product every time you make a batch.

Then add your recipe as usual. The recipe will determine the stock that will be deducted every time you make a batch.

Note: If you want to add ingredients to a batch product that themselves have recipes, you will need to first make the ingredient a batch product.

Once you have set up one or more batch products you can record on the system each time you make a batch, so the system can account for the reduction in your ingredients stock and resultant increase in your batch product stock. See Making batches.

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