Making batches

This article covers how to record on the system that you have made a batch of a particular product, so that the system can add to the stock of the batch product and deduct from your stock of the ingredients required to make it.

Before you can make a batch you need to have set one or more products up as batch products (or production centre products, which are a particular type of batch product).

To record a batch that you have made, go into your back office & select Stock > Batch maker from the left hand navigation.

You will see a list of batches currently made or in draft. To record a new batch click, Add a batch.

At the prompt you can choose to give the batch a specific reference, or you can leave as the default that uses the date and time. When you are happy with the reference click the blue Next button.

Now start typing the name of the product you have made a batch of, in the Batch items search field, then click on the correct result to add it to your batch.

You will see the product you have added to your batch along with:

  • The current stock
  • The new stock after the batch is made
  • The quantity of each ingredient that will be used to make the batch

Enter a quantity for the batch item you have made. You will see the new stock increase and the ingredients used update.

Note: The quantity for your batch specifies how many full batches you have made. A full batch is determined by the Recipe makes field of the batch product.

You can now:

  • Add further products to this batch by typing again in the search bar
  • Click Save draft to come back and finish your batch later (this won't update stock levels)
  • Click Make batch which will update the stock levels of the batch product and the ingredients

When you sell a batch product (either on its own or as an ingredient in a recipe), the stock of the product will be reduced, instead of the stock of the ingredients. 

For production centre products, the stock will be reduced when thee product is transferred to individual sites.

You can view all batches that have been made over a given time period, along with the resultant stock movements on the Batches report.

Your stock report will show you any stock movements from the making of batches and the expected stock of any batch items.

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