Marking an order as delivered

When you receive an order you have placed through the system you will need to mark it as delivered so your stock levels are updated.

To do this, first navigate to the order and check the stock delivered against what was ordered.

If there are any discrepancies between quantities orders and received, type the received quantity into the stock received column next to the item.

Once you have checked all items, press the green Mark as delivered button in the bottom right corner of the order.

Note: if you need to make adjustments after marking an order as delivered see Updating a submitted delivery.

When you mark the order as delivered and the quantities received don't match the quantities ordered, an email will be triggered (to the delivery email updates on the email notifications tab of the set up module) alerting the recipient of the original and updated cost price, so that any necessary follow up with the supplier can take place.

You will also see an indicator on the orders & deliveries list page to indicate that one or more items on an order were not delivered. You can then click into the delivery to see what the discrepancies were.

If you want to attach a delivery note from the supplier you can do so using the Upload attachment button at the bottom of the order.

You can also mark orders as delivered from the Orders & Deliveries overview screen, by pressing the green Delivery button to the right of the order. 

Note: You should only use this if you are confident that all quantities received match what was ordered.

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