Adding recipes to products

To add a recipe for a product, first you will need to make sure you have added all of the ingredients you will need for the recipe.

Once you have added these navigate to the product you wish to add the recipe to and navigate to the stock tab.

Tick the box underneath the stock fields, labelled "This product has a recipe". 

You will see some changes to the stock fields::

  • 'Order unit' and 'Min stock' are greyed out as these don't apply to products with recipes
  • 'Cost price' is greyed out as the cost price will be worked out from the ingredients (if you want to set a cost price manually, just untick 'Calculate cost price from recipe' underneath the stock fields)
  • 'Order unit size" field has changed to "Recipe makes". You can use this if you want to add measures to the product, or if the product will itself be used as an ingredient in another recipe (see Nested recipes and batch products).

Underneath the blue line you will see a new button to add an ingredient to your recipe.

Press this button then start typing in the Ingredient name field to add your first ingredient, and you should see it appear for you to select.

Once you've selected your ingredient you can specify the amount of it you use in this recipe in the stock usage field.

In this example we leave this as one, as there is one beef patty in the beef burger. If the measurement unit for your ingredient is not correct, you will need to go back to the ingredients category and change it.

Continue adding ingredients and specifying the quantities until you have entered the full recipe.
Note: The cost price of the product updates as you add each ingredient.

When you have finished you can press "Done" to exit the product edit screen.

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