Adding ingredients

Before you set up any recipes you will need to add some ingredients.

Unless the ingredient is also a product that you will sell directly via the EPOS, you will need to add these in the Ingredients category. 

To add ingredients, go into your back office & select Products > Manage Products from the left hand navigation.

In the Other sections, click Ingredients.

By default you will have two categories in the ingredients folder, to add either wet ingredients used for by the bar, or dry ingredients used by the kitchen. Click on the category that you wish to add an ingredient to.

Once you are in the wet or dry category, click blue outlined square, Add Product.

Type the name of the ingredient you are adding (in this example, Cheddar Cheese) and press the blue Add new product button. 

You don't need to give your ingredient a price as you won't be selling it on its own. Instead you can go straight to the Stock tab.

For Cheddar Cheese we might set the measurement as "kg", the order unit as "block" and the order unit size as "1", assuming we get 1kg of Cheddar Cheese in a block. 

The cost price will be the price for a block of Cheddar Cheese.

For more information on setting stock fields see Product Stock Settings.

Once you have entered all of your ingredients, you can add them to a recipe.



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