Updating centrally managed products

Any product that you have created centrally can be updated centrally, with any changes easily pushed across all of your sites.

You can update centrally managed products from your multi-site dashboard.

Site specific details

Certain fields of a product can vary from site to site, and these fields should be updated on the Site Management tab of the product. These are:

  • Sale prices
  • EPOS categories
  • Active flag

Note: changing the EPOS category or active flag on the main details tab of central product on the multi-site dashboard will not be pushed to individual sites. Changing the sales price(s) will only be pushed if you confirm you wish to do so on the push confirmation prompt (see below)


 Central details

Any other changes to a product (apart from sale prices, EPOS categories and the active flag), can be updated on the main tabs of the product (Details, Stock, Modifiers, Advanced & Images) and pushed to all sites using "Push" button.

For example, if the cost price of cases of Peroni has changed, this can be updated on the stock tab and then pushed to all sites using the 'Push 'Peroni' to all sites' at the top of the product screen, or the 'Push' button on the bottom right.


When pushing a change to all sites, any changes made to the product on the individual sites (apart from the site specific details mentioned above) will be over-written with the new changes. You will be asked to confirm you are happy with this when you push your changes.

If you have made a change to the products sales price or measures and you want to push these to all sites you can do so by ticking the box labelled 'Also overwrite measures and prices', but note this will over-write any site specific pricing that has been put in place.


Note: If you are adding ingredients to a recipe on a centrally managed product, ensure the ingredients themselves have been pushed to each site prior to adding them to the recipe.

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