Creating centrally managed products

To create and manage products centrally, you will first need to be set up with a multi-site dashboard. If you don't yet have a multi-site dashboard, email to request one.

You can use your multi-site dashboard to create products that can be pushed to all of your sites and updated centrally to manage future changes. 

Note: Before creating central products you should ensure the categories you want them to appear in exist on the sites you will be pushing them to. You can do this by linking any existing categories or pushing new ones.

Central products are created in the same way as creating products on an individual site. The only difference is once you have created the product you will need to push it to your sites. You can do this using the "Push to all sites" button at the top of the product detail page, or the "Push" button in the bottom right corner of the screen.


Note: If you are pushing a product with a recipe, ensure the ingredients themselves have been pushed to each site prior to pushing the product that uses them in the recipe.

You will be prompted to confirm that you want to push the product to all sites, as this will over-write any changes made locally to that product if it already exists. As you are creating a new product, you will not be over-writing anything and so can click 'Push'. (when creating a new product you can ignore the measures & prices tick box as measures & prices will always be pushed for a new product).


Once the product has been pushed to all sites you can use the Site Management tab to check the categories it appears in on each site.

If you created the product in a centrally managed category, it will be pushed to the linked category on each site (this is the recommended approach so it is worth making sure your central categories are linked with the correct categories on each of your sites)

If the category is not centrally managed, the system will try to find the correct category by matching on the name.

If no categories have been found, you can allocate the correct category for each site from the Site Management tab.

If the product has been pushed to a category you do not want it to appear in, you can also remove it on the Site Management tab.


You can also use the Site Management tab to check the sale prices of the product at each of your sites and change prices on a site by site basis if you vary pricing across your venues.


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