Using measures (portions)

You can add measures to a product if you sell it in multiple measures (e.g. wine or spirits)  or portions (e.g. slices of pizza or brownie).

To add measures to a product, tick Use measure pricing under the product description field.

To add a new measure press 'Add a product measure' under the main details tab of a product.

Note: you can also add measures to product templates so that every product you create with the template automatically has the correct measures.

You can remove a measure by pressing the red trash icon to the right of the measure.

Once you have added your measures, go to the stock tab of the product and specify a stock usage for the measures you have added. The stock usage should use the units you have specified as the measurement unit for the product e.g. ml, or pint.

Measures and recipes

If the product has a recipe, specify the quantity (in measurement units) that the recipe makes e.g. the pizza recipe below makes 12 slices.

Then specify the number of measurement units in each portion you sell e.g. the pizza is sold in single slices or a whole pizza (12 slices).

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