Viewing bookings from the table plan on your EPOS

To view your bookings from your table plan, go onto your EPOS & select 'Plan' from the bottom navigation bar.

In the top left corner, of the table plan screen where it says 'Show bookings', click the toggle, to show your bookings.

A coloured header at the top of each table indicates the status of the table in relation to bookings.

  • White = Free with no upcoming bookings
  • Red = There is a current booking scheduled on the table (table will also outlined in blue if there is a tab currently linked for the booking). The header will indicate what time the table is scheduled to be free. 
  • Orange = Free, but with a booking coming up soon (less than your default booking duration away)
  • Green = Free, with a booking due later, so you can probably still use this table

Tables with a blue outline, have a tab linked to the table, either for a booking or a walk in. These tables will also show the name of the tab at the bottom of the table.

To view the bookings on a table, press on the table and select 'view bookings'.

The daily bookings for that table, will then open in a pop-up.

  • A blue line represents the current time along with a timestamp
  • A green box outlines any bookings that currently have an open tab on the table
  • An orange box outlines any bookings that are upcoming

You will be able to see: 

  • the time the table is booked from & to
  • the number of covers for the table 
  • the name of the booking

Scroll down on the table planner to view the rest of the bookings for the current day.

From here you can also add a new booking, or open a tab for an existing booking.

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