Handling of unused booking deposits

If a tab for a booking has a deposit on it, you will see a DEPOSIT NOT USED button in place of the PAY button.


If a customer doesn't spend all of their deposit press this button to select whether you would like to retain or refund the remaining deposit (see below).

Once a customers full deposit has been spent and further items are added to the tab, the DEPOSIT NOT USED button will no longer be displayed and you will instead see the PAY button.

Retain Remaining Deposit

Selecting this option will return the remaining deposit back to your deposits held account. This will be reflected in your deposits report and any linked accounting system.

If the entire deposit is remaining, selecting Retain Remaining Deposit will keep the booking active on your system to be opened again in the future if required. This can be useful if a booking tab has been opened on the wrong day in error.

If some of the deposit has been used it will not be possible to re-open a tab for the booking at a later date as the booking has taken place. Any future booking would need to be added on the system as a new booking. See Creating a booking on your Back Office or Creating a booking on your EPOS.

Refund Deposit

If it has been enabled on your system you will also have the option to refund the remaining deposit back to the customer.

If you don't see this option and you would like to have it enabled please contact support@tabology.com.

Selecting this option will open the pay screen enabling you to refund the deposit back to the customer.

In the pay screen select the payment type for the refund and then press ADD PAYMENT.



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