Creating a booking on the EPOS

This article covers how to create a booking on your EPOS. You can also create bookings on the Back Office & from the tableplan.

To create a booking on your EPOS, first go to the EPOS Screen. On the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, press the More button.

Then, press the Bookings button to go to the bookings module.

Here you will be able to see any bookings that are already made for the current day. 

Note: You can change the date above the bookings list to see the bookings for a different date.

To create a booking, press the green Create booking button from the bottom of the bookings list.

If you start by entering the customers name into the name field, any customers with details stored (previous guests or loyalty members) will be returned in a list for you to choose from. This will enter the name, email & phone number information for the customer. 

Note: If the customer is a member of your loyalty scheme, this will also link the booking to the loyalty member, meaning they will earn points and trigger any applicable loyalty promotions on the tab opened for the booking.

Alternatively, enter the guests email address in the email field, then press the magnifying glass button to see if their details are stored from a previous booking.

If the customer has booked with you before, you will be able to see their booking history, and can add their details to your new booking by pressing the Set details onto booking button.

If you use booking types, you can select the right booking type for the booking. 

Note: You will only be able to select a booking type that is valid for the date and time of the booking. Similarly, once you have selected a booking type you will only be able to change the date and time to one that is valid for the booking type.

To allocate a booking to a table click on the tables field to pull up a list of all available tables for the time of the booking.

Note: If you have set up booking types linked to specific tables or areas, you will only able to allocate a booking to a table that is valid for the particular booking type.

If the booking you are allocating is for the same day, you will also see if any tabs are currently linked to any of the tables. This is so you can avoid allocating it to a table that is currently occupied and might still be when the booking is due. You can still choose to allocate a booking to a table with a tab linked to it if you are happy the table will be free when the booking is due to start.

You can allocate the booking to one or more tables. Selected tables are indicated by a blue tick.

When you have selected your tables, click the blue Done button in the top left of the screen.

If you have entered all of the relevant information for the booking, press the green Add button in the bottom right.

The new booking has now been added to the bookings list.

When the customer arrives for the booking you can open a tab with any deposit on the tab as credit.

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