Cancelling items from orders

If a customer changes their mind after placing an order, or if you accidentally include the wrong item on an order, it is possible to send a cancellation notification to the kitchen.

Cancelling an item will: 

  • Void the item
  • Send a message to the kitchen informing them of the cancellation
  • Add a note to the order on the kitchen screen and remove the cancelled item 
  • Print an updated order ticket with the cancellation note (if set to print cancelled items)

Note: If you use a kitchen screen you will see a cancel option for any orders that have not been completed. If you don't use a kitchen screen, and have set your system to print cancelled items, you will see a cancel option for all items.

To cancel an item, navigate to the tab on the Summary screen (you may first need to re-open the tab by searching for the transaction).

Press on the item and select ‘Cancel Item’.

Note: you can also select multiple items to cancel by pressing the EDIT button, selecting the items, then pressing ACTION then 'Cancel items'.

Select a reason for the cancellation (these are the same as your 'void - not used' reasons).

Once one or more items have been cancelled, the item(s) will be removed from the tab and a note will be added to show that the items have been cancelled.

The kitchen will receive a message informing them of the cancellation and see the note on the relevant order ticket with the cancelled items removed. 

If you use a kitchen printer and have print cancelled items set, they will also receive an updated order ticket.

Cancelled items will be voided in the system as 'Stock not used', so if it is too late to cancel the item, the kitchen will need to record the item as wastage, to correctly reflect in stock. The kitchen may also wish to send a message to front of house informing them that the items could not be cancelled.

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