Voiding items

This article covers how to void one or more items that have previously been put through the till as a sale. To record wastage of items that have not previously been recorded as a sale see Recording wastage.

To refund items see Refunding items and payments

If the item(s) you need to void are not currently on an open tab (displayed on the summary screen) you will first need to locate them. You can do this by searching for the transaction and reopening the tab it was on.

If the item you need to void is on an open tab, you can select that tab on the summary screen.

To void an item just press on the item and select the appropriate void type:

  • Void Item (Item Not Used) - If the item had not been used, such as an item that had been added to the tab in error
  • Void Item (Item Used) - If the item had been removed from stock, such as the wrong beer being poured

Note: If you don't have permission to void items a Manager PIN prompt will display for a manager to enter their PIN and approve the void.

You can also void multiple items in one go by pressing 'EDIT', then selecting each of the items you want to void and pressing 'ACTION' then selecting the appropriate void

If you are voiding a product, that has product options attached to it, you will be asked whether you would like to void the options linked to the product.

Select Yes to void the product and all of its options or No to void just the main product.

You'll be asked to select a reason for the void. (note you can change these reasons or add new ones on your back office.

Once voided, the items will be removed from the tab.

Note: Refunds will still show on tabs and on the Z report at the end of each day, whereas voids will not. 

All voids & refunds will be visible on the voids & refunds report.

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