The Voids & Refunds report

The voids and refunds report shows you the total voids and refunds for a given date range at both retail and cost price. It also provides an itemised list of voids and refunds showing the user who actioned it, the time, and the reason given.

To view the Voids & Refunds report go to Reporting > Voids & Refunds from the left hand nav or main dashboard buttons on your back office.


The totals boxes at the top of the report show you the totals for the time window you are viewing:

  • Total voided or refunded items at the sale price
  • Total voided or refunded items at the cost price
  • Total voided payments


Beneath the totals you will see a breakdown of each item voided or refunded, along with:

  • The sale price of the item and total sale price
  • The cost price of the item and total cost price
  • The time of the original transaction 
  • The reason given
  • The user who actioned the void or refund
  • The time of the void
  • The quantity of stock used

Grouping options

You can group the voids & refunds report by:

  • The reason given
  • The user who actioned the void
  • The void type (void used, void not used, or refund)


You can search for a specific product, or user, with the search bar on the righthand side.


The voids & refunds report can also be sorted by any of the columns. Just click the column header and the table will alternate between ascending and descending order. This can be useful for viewing the most costly voids or refunds for example.


You can also copy the report to your clipboard, display in a print format, or export to Excel or CSV.

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