Refunding an item from a previous day

After an end of day (Z) has been run, it is not possible to refund an item in the normal way, as the sales and payments figures have already been captured in the Z report. 

If you need to process a refund for an item that was sold on a previous day, you can do so by selecting the required items on the EPOS in refund mode. The refund will then be included in your current day Z report figures.

To record a refund from a sale made on a previous day, log into the EPOS & click More, from the far right of the screen.

Click the white Refunds button.

This will display a Refund banner to the right of the EPOS, to indicate you are in refund mode. You will automatically return to the EPOS screen.

Locate & click on the items requiring to be refunded. Each item will be displayed to the right of the screen.

Click the Refund items button, from the bottom right of the screen.

Choose the payment method for your refund.

Note: If you use integrated card payments, unlike a standard refund, the refund amount will not automatically be refunded to the customer. It will be necessary to refund the customer via your payment processor portal.

A modal will be presented informing you that you will need to process the refund via your selected payment method. Click the blue Confirm button, to record the refund on the EPOS. You will then need to send the funds back to the customer as instructed depending on the payment type.

Your customer will receive the refund. The item(s) refunded will display on the Voids & Refunds report & the Itemised Sales report

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