Comparing rota hours with clock in and clock out times

You can compare the planned shifts from your rota with the times that staff clocked in and out with on your EPOS. 

To do this either go to the Rota vs Activity tab of a specific rota, or to the Staff time report, under Reporting.


On the right you will see a summary of shifts and hours assigned to each staff member and how these compare with actual clock in and out times on your EPOS. This will alert you to any major variances that might warrant closer examination.

On the left you will see the breakdown of rota shifts vs clocked activity for each staff member. You can use this information to validate that a staff member worked all of their planned shifts to within any punctuality tolerances you allow.

Any variance between the rota shifts and clock in/out times is displayed for each day. Variances may be caused by staff members forgetting to clock in or out, as well as for genuine lateness or absences.

Confirming hours worked

You can decide for each day whether you would like to pay the staff based on the rota hours or the activity (clock in and out) hours.

If you would like to pay a staff member based on their rota hours you don't need to do anything. 

If you would like to pay a staff member based on their clock in and clock out times, press the + button to the right of the variance. This will remove any planned rota shifts and replace these with shifts based on the clock in and clock out times.

To set the rota shifts to the activity times a user must have matching clock in and clock outs for that day. If a user doesn't have matching clock in/out times or if you would like to pay a staff member based on hours that don't match either the rota or the clock in/out times you can make changes to the rota manually.

Once you have confirmed the hours worked and made any adjustments needed to the rota, you can export hours for payroll or post your hours to Xero payroll.



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