Editing clock in / out times

If a staff member has forgotten to clock out, or clocked in or out at the wrong time, you can edit these times on the Rota vs Activity tab of the payroll. 

Note: Changing clock in or clock out times does not impact your actual wage figures or the hours that are exported for payroll. To amend hours for payroll you will still need to amend your actual rota. If you want to pay staff by their clock in/out times you can easily apply these times to your actual rota when comparing rota hours with clock in and clock out times.

To edit clock in/out times, go into your back office & select Staff rotas from the left hand navigation.

The Staff Rotas screen will display.

Click the Rota vs Activity (Payroll) tab from the tab list at the top the screen.

In the Activity column of the breakdown, for each staff member that has a clock in, double click on either the clock in or out time. 

The Activity time modal will display.

To edit a clock in/out time, click on the hour or minute for the clock in/out, where you can manually input the required time. 

The field being edited, will highlight with a green box outline & the hour or minute being edited will highlight in pink.

Alternatively click the clock icon at the end of each field to use the preset scrollable 24 hour clock.


When you have edited the clock in/out time, you can also provide a reason for the edit.

Click the blue Save button when you edited your clock in/out as required.

Note: If you add a clock out time for a user who is currently clocked in, the user will be clocked out of the EPOS.

Your new clock in/out time, will now be applied to the Activity part of the rota.

Note: If you want to reflect these times on your actual rota to update your actual wage percentage for the week and pay roll export you can now click the blue + button to the right of the activity times.

Any clock in/out times that have been edited, will be indicated by an underline in dots under the clock in/out time.

You can also hover over the edited clock in/out time which will show:

  • The original clock in/out time
  • Who edited the clock in/out time
  • The reason the clock in/out time was edited

Note: Any edited clock in/out times won't reflect on any 3rd party staff scheduling integrations.

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