Clocking in and out

Clocking in on the EPOS will set a user as 'on shift', meaning their log in button will be displayed for logging into the till. The clock in time will be recorded and can be viewed on the staff time report, or when comparing rota hours to activity time.

Ensuring your staff clock in and out at the start and end of shifts will give you an accurate record of actual times worked and keep the login screen clear of unnecessary staff buttons.

Clocking in

To clock in at the start of a shift, press "Clock-In" in the bottom left corner of the EPOS log in screen.


You will be presented with a list of users. 


Select your user from the list and enter your PIN to clock in.


You will see your name now appears on the log in screen and you can log in as usual.


Clocking out

To clock out press "Clock-Out" in the bottom right corner of the EPOS log in screen, select your name and enter your PIN in the same manner. 


You will see your name has now been removed from the EPOS log in screen until you next clock in.


Alternatively, a staff member can clock out on the EPOS screen.

In the top right hand corner, hold on the users name. A new screen will popup.
In the top left of the screen you will see user details:

  • Logged in as
  • Time the user clocked in
  • How long the user has been clocked in for

Click the red Clock out button, in the middle of the top of the screen to clock the user out.

The users name has now disappeared from the clocked in screen.









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