Setting take out prices & tax rates

You can set take out prices and tax rates for products that you offer for both sit in and take out. Then on the EPOS you can switch between eat in and take out above the current order, which will use the appropriate pricing and tax for the products in the order.


You can set take out prices and/or tax rates on the main details tab of a product on the back office by ticking "toggle take out pricing" under the description field. 

Note: If you have a category where all or most products will have the same take out tax rate, you can set the take out tax rate on a product template linked to the category, which will pre-populate the tax rate for every product you create using the template.


You'll then see a new 'Take out tax rate' field appear below 'tax rate' and a new 'take out' price field appear in the prices section.


If either the price or the tax rate is the same for take out as sit in, you can leave the new fields blank. Where you have a different price or tax rate you can set it in the appropriate field.

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