Parking a tab for a future date

If you need to cash up, but still have unpaid tabs open, you can park these tabs to be paid on another day.

Parking a tab will store the information on the tab, excluding it from any cashing up or sales figures until you restore it in order for payment to be taken.

To park a tab, first select the tab on the summary screen of your EPOS.

At the top of the screen, press 'Edit' & choose 'Park Tab' from the list.

Select 'Yes' to confirm your selection. 

You will automatically return back to the summary screen, and will see that the tab has now disappeared from the tab view on the left hand side.

Sales for parked tabs will not be included in your main Z report or sales figures (until the day they are restored), but you can see the total sales on any parked tabs on your Z report under the section 'Parked tabs'. 

When a customer returns to make payment for a parked tab you can restore it.

To restore a parked tab, go into your EPOS, then select 'More' from the right hand side navigation & select 'Parked Tabs' from the far left.

On the popup screen, will be a list of any parked tabs. The list is ordered from when they were parked, with the oldest being at the bottom & the newest at the top.

Select a tab to restore. Once selected, the information that was previously stored on the tab, will be brought up on the right hand side. Above the information will be a green 'Restore Tab' button. Press this to restore your tab.

You will then automatically be taken to the restored tab, ready to take payment. Any restored parked tabs will be included on your Z report and sales reports on the day they were restored.

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