Enabling and configuring gift cards

If you would like to sell and redeem gift cards you will need to enable gift cards on your back office.

Select 'Setup' > 'Gift cards' from the left-hand navigation bar

Switch the 'enable gift cards' toggle to 'on'.

You will now see options for:

Email gift cards - by default gift cards will be set to be emailed to the recipient. If you plan to only print gift cards, or issue physical RFID cards, you can set this to 'off'.

Gift cards valid for - you can leave this as the default of 1 year, or change it here

Allow expired gift cards - select a user level that should be able to redeem expired gift cards, or leave as the default of 'none'

Gift card amounts - here you can select the denominations of gift card you would like to sell. You can also allow for custom amounts to be sold.

Allow custom amounts - specify if you would like to sell gift cards for custom amounts, typed in at the EPOS

Gift card theme - cover image, foreground & background colour to be used for styling of your gift cards

Now click on the email templates tab where you can customise the email text that will be sent to the gift card recipients.

You can include tags in your email to insert data relating to your venue and the gift card.

venue_name - name of your venue

contact_email - contact email for your venue

recipient_name - name of the recipient of the gift card (if provided)

giftcard_code - the unique code for the gift card

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