Running an Intra-day X report

You can run an X report at any time on any EPOS iPad to see a total of sales and payments taken so far that day (since the last cash up was run).

To run an X report, on the admin screen press 'INTRA DAY (X)'

You will be given the option to run an X report for:

  • A specified EPOS device
  • A specified staff member
  • All combined - total sales and payments for the venue

If you select by staff member, you will be prompted to choose from all of the staff members currently clocked into the system.

Once you have made your selection you will see an X report based on the specified criteria.

The X report shows you the following information.

Summary - The summary section provides a breakdown of your sales for the day (since the previous cash up was run) after all discounts have been accounted for

Sales - The sales section provides a breakdown of your sales prior to any discounts being applied.

Discounts - The discounts section provides a breakdown of any discounts applied during the day. 

Adjustments - The adjustments section provides a breakdown of any non-sales income, such as tips and service charge.

Payments -The payments section provides a breakdown of the payments you have received 

Total covers - The total covers that have been served (based on the covers entered when a tab is opened or one cover per order not on a tab

Avg spend - Average spend for the day calculated from total payments received divided by the number of covers served

Users - The users that have logged in during the day and which device(s) they have used

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