Refunding a Stripe payment

This article covers how to refund Stripe payments back to the customer.

Note, if you reject a mobile order the Stripe payment will automatically be refunded, so the below steps are only required for accepted orders. 


1. If the order you need to refund is not shown on the summary screen, you will first need to re-open it. To do this go to the EPOS screen, press on MORE and then press HISTORY.

If this order is already on the summary screen, locate it and jump to step 4.


2. Identify the order you need to refund based on the time, tab name (this will include the customer's email address for mobile orders) and amount, then press on this order.


3. Check the details and then press on the 3 dots at the bottom of the righthand pane and press RE-OPEN button.


4. You will be taken to the Summary screen where the tab will now be shown.


5. Press on the Stripe Payment line and then press "Refund Stripe Payment"


You will see the Stripe payment is then removed from the tab.

You can then refund or void the remaining items on the tab. See Voiding items.

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