Publishing your rota

Publishing your rota saves all of your figures as your forecast figures for that week. It also enables you to share your rota with your staff via email.

To publish your rota press the 'Publish Rota' button in the bottom right hand corner.


You will be asked if you would like to email the rota to your staff members. If you don't want to email it straight away you will still have the option to do so later.


Note: To email rotas to your staff make sure all staff members that don't have access to your Back Office are allocated to the 'View rotas' permission. This will give them a login they can use for viewing rotas that you email to them.

Once a rota is published you will see new rows on the Forecasts tab to represent your actual figures that will update as the week progresses:

  • Actual wages - these will pull through from any changes you make to your rota after publishing it
  • Diff wages - the difference between your forecast wages (published rota) and actual wages (changes made since publishing)
  • Actual sales - these will pull through from your sales reports as the week progresses
  • Diff sales - the difference between your forecast sales and actual sales
  • Actual wage/sales % - your actual wage percentage achieved based on your actual rota and sales figures
  • Diff wage/sales % - the difference between your forecast wage percentage and your actual wage percentage


You can make changes to your published rota to reflect changes that occur during the week e.g. sickness, shifts needing to be changed, staff not turning up for a shift, or turning up late etc.

Then at the end of the week when your sales have pulled through, you will be able to see how your forecasts compare to your actual figures for all of the above.





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