Setting Up New Users

You can set up new users by clicking on Staff & Roles, and then the Staff button on the left hand navigation bar, or the dashboard button on the back office.

If the user you are adding will have access to the back office, you should first create the role you need them to have, with the applicable permissions set, and then create your user allocated to the appropriate role. From the Staff screen click the 'Create new user' button. Enter the name of the user and select whether you want them to have access to EPOS, the back office or both.

If a user will not have access to the back office, but you would like them to be able to view published rotas that you share via email, you can tick 'View rotas'.

You will then be prompted to enter the details for each option you selected.

EPOS users
If you selected EPOS, you can choose to enter a PIN of leave blank for no PIN.

You can either enter a username or can choose to use the full name already entered.

You'll then need to choose an access level depending on the users role. The default permissions for each of these roles are:

  • Kitchen - Access to "Kitchen" view only for EPOS  
  • Front of house - Standard user access (no access to the "Admin" view or to perform voids, no sales, or refunds) 
  • Supervisor - Team Lead - Standard access & ability to perform voids, refunds, and no sales
  • Manager - Full access for managers. Allows full access to EPOS and the back office administrator access (if a password is entered)

There is an additional access level, that can be configured to have different permissions if required.

View rotas
If you selected view rotas you will need to enter an email address in the back office user settings, which will be used to invite the user to the back office for the purpose of viewing rotas only. This will also be their login email.

Back office users
If you selected back office user you will need to enter an email address, which will be used to invite the user to the back office. This will also be their login email.

You will also need to select a role for the user.

Staff Details
If you use EPOS's rota and staff scheduling module, you will want to add the following:

Default area - The area the staff member works in. This will be displayed and colour coded on rotas and can be changed for a particular shift if needed. Areas can be added under rota settings.

Start date - the date the staff member started. This is for your information only.

Pay rate and type - The staff members pay and whether it is an hourly rate or an annual salary.

Contracted hours - number of hours the staff member works in a week. If the staff member works variable hours, you should still put an average expected hours figure in the contracted hours field, as this field will be used to estimate the cost of any holiday they take.

Hide from Rotas - tick this box if you do not want this user to show on rota.

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