Viewing pre-orders on the kitchen & bar order screens

If you accept pre-orders for bookings, you can view any pre-orders for the day from the kitchen or bar order screens.

To view the day's pre-orders, navigate to the Kitchen orders or Bar orders screen and click Pre-orders at the top of the screen.

On the pre-orders screen you will see a ticket for each pre-order, each with the following information:

  • The booking time & the name of the booking
  • Products that have been pre-ordered
  • Whether the pre-order has been paid for
  • The date & time the pre-order was placed

Note: The booking time will be displayed in red, if the time has passed and the booking hasn't arrived. If the pre-order is too long to be displayed, a downwards arrow will display at the bottom of the order, for you to scroll down to view the rest of the order.

If the booking related to a pre-order is cancelled, or marked as no show, the pre-order ticket will be greyed out with a strikethrough the text.

Once the booking has been marked as arrived, kitchen and/or bar order tickets will be generated for the pre-orders and you will no longer see them on the preorders screen.

Pre-orders will display on the bar & kitchen orders screens in the same way as other orders, and will be distinguished by the PRE-ORDER label at the bottom of the ticket.

If an order ticket is linked to multiple individual pre-orders (for the same booking), any notes associated with the pre-orders are not shown on the order ticket (as the order tickets are grouped by course it wouldn't be possible to see which notes related to which order). Instead, there will be a button at the top of the order ticket to view the individual pre-orders with their respective notes.

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