Enabling multiple loyalty schemes

You can create multiple loyalty schemes if you have different categories of loyalty members that each receive different rewards and promotions. For example, you might have different schemes for 'Industry', 'student', 'staff', or 'nearest venue'. 

For each loyalty scheme you can allocate a specific welcome email, pass branding, and a group for members to be automatically assigned to.

The group that you assign new members to will determine the specific offers that members of that loyalty scheme will receive. If you would like different loyalty schemes to earn loyalty points at different rates, you can set your core loyalty points scheme to earn zero points per £, and then configure a different point per £ promotion for each scheme.

To enable multiple loyalty schemes, go into your back office & select Setup > Loyalty from the left hand navigation.

In the Loyalty setup, scroll down to Enable multiple loyalty schemes.

Toggle Enable multiple loyalty schemes to on. This will open up the link to manage your loyalty schemes.

Click the blue Manage loyalty schemes button, to access the Loyalty schemes setup. 

Note: Once multiple loyalty schemes are enabled, this can also be accessed by the left hand navigation under Loyalty > Loyalty schemes.

You can now create & manage multiple loyalty schemes.

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