Creating & managing multiple schemes

When you have enabled multiple loyalty schemes, you can start to create your different schemes. 

To add a new loyalty scheme, go into your back office & click Loyalty > Loyalty schemes, from the left hand navigation.

Click the blue Add a new loyalty scheme button.

A grey outlined box will appear for you to enter the name of your loyalty group. 

Click the blue tick button at the end of the loyalty scheme name to add your new loyalty scheme.

To the right of the screen, you will be able to add & edit additional areas of your loyalty scheme.

In the Details tab, you will be able to:

  • Edit the name of your loyalty scheme
  • Provide a scheme code for your loyalty scheme, which your customers can enter on the member sign up form to sign up to your loyalty scheme
  • Assign new members to a group - selecting a group, will apply any new members to the group
  • Activate & De-activate the loyalty scheme by clicking the tickbox

Note: New members will still also be assigned to any group you have set as the default group for your core loyalty scheme. If you only want members to be assigned to the group set on the specific loyalty scheme you should unset any default group on your core loyalty scheme.

Click the blue Save button, to save your loyalty schemes.

Note: If you have added scheme code to your loyalty scheme, this will display under the scheme name in the list of schemes.

To remove a loyalty scheme, click the red bin icon, at the end of the row of the loyalty scheme you want to remove.

You will then be prompted to confirm whether you want to remove the loyalty scheme.

Click the red Yes button.

Your loyalty scheme list on the left of the screen will update.

You can now add an email template & create a wallet pass for your loyalty scheme.

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