Adding a member form to your website

If you would like your customers to be able to sign up to your loyalty scheme from your website, you can add a member sign up form widget.

Any members signing up using the widget will be stored as a member in your system to be allocated to any groups or promotions, and to earn loyalty points if you have set up a loyalty points scheme.

To add a member form to your website, go into your back office and click Setup > Loyalty from the left hand navigation. 

Click the tab, Manage member widget.

Switch the Enable member widget toggle to On.

The member widget script will be displayed in the box below. You can press Copy to clipboard to add this to your website or send it to your web developer.

Alternatively, you can link directly to your member form URL, from your website or social media accounts. Your member form URL also provides an easy way to place a test member sign up, so you can see how these appear in your back office when customers sign up.

When the member widget has been enabled, further fields will also display, giving you further possibilities to tailor your member sign up form.

Form details

In the Form details section, you will be able to:

  • Add a form title
  • Add a form introduction
  • Add a form button text
  • Add sign up complete text

Marketing opt in

In the Marketing opt in section, you can choose how you would like to obtain marketing consent:

  • Show optional marketing consent checkbox - If you don't require marketing consent for customers to join your loyalty scheme you can show an optional marketing consent checkbox
  • Show mandatory marketing consent checkbox - if you require marketing consent for customers to join your loyalty scheme and you would like customers to explicitly tick a box to conform this, you can show a mandatory marketing consent checkbox
  • Always apply marketing consent checkbox - hide checkbox - if you require marketing consent for customers to join your loyalty scheme and you don't require them to tick a box to confirm this you can hide the checkbox. 

Note:  If you choose not to show a marketing consent checkbox, you will need to ensure your marketing opt in text (see below) makes it cleat that customers signing up will be agreeing to receive marketing from you.

You can then provide:

  • Marketing opt in label - a short label to appear next to your marketing consent checkbox e.g. marketing consent
  • Marketing opt in text - Text to inform the customer about the marketing they are agreeing to by ticking the checkbox (or submitting the form). You can also include a link to your privacy policy.

If you have selected a mandatory marketing consent checkbox you will also be able to provide a mandatory marketing message. this will be displayed to users who try to submit the form without ticking the checkbox.

Field configuration

In the Field configuration section, you can tailor your Member form field labels, descriptions & placeholders.

  • Label - The label displayed next to the input field
  • Description - A description of the field
  • Placeholder - Text displayed within the field

In the Phone number & Date of birth fields, you can show these as options & choose whether to make these fields mandatory by toggling the radio toggle to ON.

Multiple loyalty scheme fields

If Multiple loyalty schemes is enabled, the Enable loyalty scheme selection field will appear under the Multiple loyalty scheme fields section.

If you would like members to be able to select a specific loyalty scheme when signing up, toggle Enable loyalty scheme selection to on.

When enabled, you will be able to use the dropdown box to choose how you will let your customers select the loyalty scheme to join.

  • Typing loyalty scheme code - Members will need to enter a code to sign up to your loyalty scheme. Scheme codes can be set when creating multiple loyalty schemes. Select this option if you would like customers to need to know the specific code for the a loyalty scheme in order to be able to select it.
  • Selecting loyalty scheme - Members will choose a loyalty scheme from a dropdown list. Select this option if you would like customers to be able to choose which scheme they join.

You can then specify the label, description & placeholder for your loyalty scheme selection fields. 

To save your changes click the blue Save member widget configuration button, then click the blue Save button, in the bottom right of the screen.

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