Dojo - Paying with a Pre-Authorisation

If you have preauthorised a customer's card and the customer leaves without paying their bill, you can charge their card using the preauth.

To ensure that the tab has a pre auth, check there is a small yellow card icon next to it. If this icon is not present, then there is no active pre-authorisation set against that tab. 

After locating the correct tab, hit the Pay button. You will see 3 options for settling the bill 

1. Press Pay with pre auth card to pay off the bill in full using the Pre auth or

2. Press Continue to pay view to apply discounts or allow a payment split, but still pay with the pre auth

3. Void pre auth to void the pre auth and pay with another method


1. Pay off the bill in full using the Pre-Auth

To pay with the preauth, press the green Pay with Pre-Auth Card button and this will communicate with Dojo to pay the tab in full using the pre-authorisation details.  

Once successfully completed, the small card symbol next to that tab will disappear and the tab balance reduced to 0.00. The tab can then be left or closed. 

 2. Apply discounts or allow a payment split 

This option will take you to the pay screen where you can add any discounts you need, or apply other payments to the tab, prior to using the preauth for the final balance.

Once you have added any discounts or payments, press the Pay button again and follow the steps above to pay using the preauth.

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