Card Connect - Activating a Pre-Authorisation

This article is intended as an overview for CardConnect customers that wish to make use of the Pre-Authorisation functionality. If you are interested in making use of the Card Connect setup then please speak to your business development contact. 

What is Pre-Authorisation?

A pre-authorisation is where a a customer's credit card details are tokenised and stored such that they can then either be issued a beer card or have an open-ended tab that can be charged at the end of their time in your venue.  This can occur without the need for the customer card to be re-swiped and means funds can also be taken without them returning at all if needs be. 

Opening a Pre-Auth Tab 

Click "New Tab" as usual and enter a name for your tab and you will see a "Pre-Auth Card" button which you can press.


BarTab will communicate with the Bolted device and show the following screen for a few seconds whilst processing. 


If the pre-auth completes successfully then the "Tab Name" will be populated with the the name on the credit card and the green text stating "Tab 330751 has been created" will be displayed. 

In the background you will notice as well that the tab has a small card icon alongside it to denote that a pre-authorisation is logged against that specific tab. 

You can now add items to this tab as with any other. 

Now see pay the tab using the pre auth


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