Adding members to your loyalty scheme from the EPOS

You can add members to your loyalty scheme either on the EPOS or the back office. This article covers how to add members via the EPOS. 

If you would like to issue QR codes that are emailed to members and added to their Apple or Google wallets you will need to enable member QR codes before adding your members.

Note: If you are issuing members with RFID cards, see Creating member RFID cards

To create a new member, on the Summary screen press the Member button.

You will be presented with a screen where you can open a tab for an existing member or create a new member.

Press Create member.

You can then enter any details you would like to store for the member. You need at least a name and, if using QR codes, an email address where the QR code pass will be sent, as well as confirming if your customer consents to any marketing permissions. By default this will be off. You can click on the toggle which will set this to on.

Note: You can configure which fields are displayed and whether they are required or optional on the back office.

If you run multiple loyalty schemes, you will see a loyalty scheme dropdown at the top of the Create a member screen. Click the Loyalty scheme dropdown, to a see a list of your available loyalty schemes.

If you have set memberships to have an expiry date, the expiry date field will be shown and will pre-populate based on the expiry duration you have set. This can be changed if needed by clicking in the expiry date field.

If your system is set up to allow members to have prepay balances, you will see a toggle to select if the member will be a prepay member with a balance. If your system is not set up to allow members to have balances you won't see this option. 

Note: If you don't want your members to be able to have prepaid balances, but you do see this option, you can request on your Telegram support channel to have the option removed so that members aren't accidentally created with balances.

When you have added the details, press Activate.

You will see a message showing you that the member has been created and a tab opened for them. Click the white OK button.

If you have any groups or custom fields set up, these will slide out from the side of the screen, enabling you to set the fields and allocate the member to a group.

If you want to keep a tab open for the member you can add items to it, in the normal way. 

If you don't want to keep a tab open for the member, press Close.

You can now link any purchases made by the member to their account when you add items to their tab or they present their QR code pass.

Note: If your new member already exists as a contact in the system, the contacts booking history, including any purchases made on booking tabs, will be linked to the member automatically when they are created. 

You can set up a loyalty points scheme for members to earn points or link some promotions to your members to give them access to exclusive offers.

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