Saving unpaid tabs to be paid on a future day

If you have an unpaid tab that you would like to save for payment on a future day, you can do this by moving the items onto a member tab as described below.

On the 'Summary' tab press the 'MEMBER CARD' button.


Press the 'No Card' button.


You can then enter any details you would like to enable you to recall the tab when the customer comes in to pay it. You need at least a name.


When you have added the details, press 'ACTIVATE' and you will see a message showing you the card has been activated.


You will see a new tab on the summary screen with the name you entered. You can now move the items from the unpaid tab onto this one and then close the tab, which will save the outstanding balance to paid when the customer returns.

As the sales have not been paid for on the current day you will see these in the deposits redeemed section of the Z report, which accounts for them as money owed to you.


To pay the tab when the customer returns, go to the admin screen and press the 'Members'


Search for the name of the tab you entered when you saved the tab.


Press 'New Tab'


Then press 'Activate'.


You will see the tab open on the screen with the balance that needs to be paid in red. To pay the balance press 'Add Credit'


Enter the amount to be paid and press 'Add Credit'.

Note, this won't default to the full amount like a normal tab.


You will see the tab balance is now zero and you can close the tab.


As the amount paid doesn't relate to sales taken on the current day, you will see this in the deposits lodged section of the Z report.



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