Processing a Zettle refund

If your EPOS is integrated with Zettle and you refund one or more items that have been paid for by card, the Zettle refund process will be triggered automatically for the correct amount of the items you have refunded.

You will be presented with a screen showing the refund amount. If you are happy this is the correct amount that you want to refund back to the customer's card, press 'OK'. You can also edit the amount here if you want to refund a different amount.


On the Refund payment window, press Confirm.


You will now be presented with the Zettle login window. Enter in your password and once finished, press Confirm.


The payment has now been successfully refunded which you will see reflected on the tab.


If you would like to give the customer a receipt for the refund, press the 'PRINT' button at the top of the tab, or press and hold the 'PRINT' button to send an email receipt.

Triggering a Zettle refund manually

If the tab you have refunded items from has multiple payments on it, or you need to process a refund for a specific amount unrelated to an item, you can trigger the Zettle refund process manually. To do this press on the 'C/card Payment' line and press 'Refund Card Payment'.


You will then be presented with the amount prompt at the start of this article and can follow the same process to process a refund for the desired amount.

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