Filtering bar and kitchen orders

If you have order filtering enabled you can filter the orders on the bar and kitchen orders screens to only show orders that match the criteria you specify.


 You can filter to:

  • Only show orders for certain tables or areas
  • Only show orders from roaming iPads 
  • Only show online orders
  • Any combination of the above

Some examples of how these filters can be used are:

  • you may want your bar orders screens to only show online orders, and orders from roaming iPads, not orders that were made directly at the bar. 
  • You may only want to show orders on a particular iPad if they relate to tables on the floor or area that the iPad is designated to serve

 Note: Any filters applied will be applied to both the bar and the kitchen orders screens of the iPad.

To filter the screens press on the filter icon just under the total orders figure in the top right of the screen.


You can then select your filtering criteria, for example to only see orders from roaming iPads, tick "Roaming Orders"


To also see any online orders, either from our integrated mobile ordering or from a delivery partner, also tick "Online Orders"


If the iPad you are on is designated to serve specific tables or areas only, you can select the further criteria for this.


The order screens on that iPad will then only show the order that meet the criteria you have specified.  You can see that a filter is applied as the filter icon in the top right of the screen is highlighted in green.


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