Processing kitchen orders

This article covers simple processing of kitchen tickets for items that are all the same course. If you serve food in courses see Processing kitchen orders with courses.

Every kitchen order will go through the following statuses: New > In Progress > Ready > Collected (removed from the view). Each status is indicated by a different colour header and a progress bar with the current status highlighted.

Note: If you want to clear a ticket without progressing through the statuses, you can press and hold on the next button, which will automatically mark it as collected.


1. New

A new order is indicated by an orange header with the first step of the status bar (order pad icon) highlighted .


2. In progress

When a user presses the arrow in the top right of a new ticket, it will move to in progress. The header will change to purple and the second step of the status bar will be highlighted to indicate the order is being prepared.


3. Ready

Once an order has been prepared the user will press the arrow in the top right of the ticket again, which sets the order to "Ready". This sends a message to the EPOS iPads so the front of house staff can see that a food order is ready to be taken to the table.


4. Collected

When an order has been collected to be taken to a table, the user will press the arrow in the top right of the ticket again to mark the order as collected. The ticket will disappear from the view, but will still be available to view under the complete orders tab at the top of the screen.


If you serve dishes as they are ready, you can mark individual items as away on the kitchen screen. To do this just press on the item and press "Mark as Away".

Any items you have marked away will display with a strike through them & the header will change to yellow.


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