Entering a stock take

This article covers how to enter a stock take into the system. Entering a stocktake will give you a report of any stock discrepancies and set your system stock levels to the counts that you enter.

To enter a stocktake go into your back office & select Stock > Stocktakes from the left hand navigation.

Dependent on your role, select manager or audit stocktake. The difference between Auditor and Manager Stocktakes is that an Auditor Stocktake will show the figures with a period from the last Auditor Stocktake instead of from the last Manager Stocktake. When an Auditor Stocktake is ran a Manager Stocktake is also created.

After creating your stocktake, click the Config & Help tab. Here you can choose which information you would like to be displayed on your stocktake. 

To the right of the screen, from the blue buttons, choose whether you would like to Print count sheet or Download count sheet for Excel. A list of all your stocked products will be printed or downloaded dependent on your choice, with fields for you to enter your count.

Once you have counted your stock, click the Count sheet tab, to enter it in the system. Alternatively, you can enter your counts directly into the system.

Entering your counts

You can enter the stock in order units (what you purchase the stock in e.g. keg) or measurement unit (what you sell your stock in e.g. pints). Populating either value for a stock item will automatically populate the other. For more on these stock settings see Product Stock Settings.

If you always enter your stock in either order or measurement unit, you can set the stocktake to only display the one that you use by going to the config & help tab. Here you can also select the fields you would like to be displayed when entering a stocktake (if your user has the required permissions)

If you have stock areas configured, you can enter your count for each area (e.g. upstairs bar) and your total stock on hand will be calculated from each areas count.

At the bottom of your stocktake, you can add stocktake notes which will be displayed in the notes column of the stocktake summary screen.

Saving your stocktake

If you need to save your stock take part way through entering your count, just click the Back button in the top left of the screen. You will then see your draft stocktake at the top of the stock takes summary view and can click on the pencil icon to continue entering your counts when you're ready.

Previewing your stock report

When you have entered all of your counts, you can click Preview to see what your stock report looks like before setting your stock levels to your declared counts. (If you don't see a Preview button you will need to enable stock report previews under setup)

If you are not ready to submit your preview yet, you can come back to it at any time by clicking the Preview button on the right hand side of the draft stocktake, in the stocktakes summary of your back office.

Submitting your stock report

After reviewing your preview you can submit the stocktake from the preview report, which will save the report and update your stock levels to match your counts.

If you don't have stock previews enabled you can click Submit directly from the stocktake, at which point you will be presented with your stock report.

For an explanation of the information shown on your stock report see Understanding Your Stock Report.


When you go back to the stocktake summary, you will see your report in the list and can view it again by clicking on the report icon in the actions column. You can also download your report as a PDF or CSV.

Any notes relating to your stocktake, will be displayed in the notes column. If the notes are too long, click on the notes field & a preview popup will display to show you the notes.

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