Promotion push notifications & wallet updates

To receive promotion push notifications members will need to have a pass generated after the back office release 1.32 released on 7th August 2023.

If you set up a promotion that is linked to members, you can choose to send the members assigned to it a push notification, and update their wallet pass with the name of the promotion.

Note: To make the best use of pushing promotions to your members wallets you should give the promotion a good descriptive name.

To send a promotion to the allocated members passes, scroll down to the bottom of the Assign members tab of your promotion to the Push notifications section and press Push.

Note: If a member has already previously been pushed the promotion, and it is already displayed on their wallet, they will not receive another push notification. This means if you add new members to a promotion after pushing it, you can push it again without spamming existing members.

Your members will see a push notification informing them of their new promotion.

Clicking on the notification will take them to their wallet pass where the new promotion will be displayed and highlighted.

Note: Android doesn't currently support push notifications for wallet passes, so android users won't receive a push notification, but will see the new promotion on their pass.

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