Setting multiple delivery areas

If you charge different fees or have different minimum order value for different delivery areas you can set up multiple delivery areas and assign different fees or minimum orders for each.

1. To add another delivery area to your current map, click on the following web address or copy & paste into your search bar: Select your current map from the page.

Note: Your most current map will be shown first, if you have multiple maps.

2. Click on the 3 vertical dots, to the right of your map and click on 'Open in new tab'.

3. Your map will open in a new tab

3. To add another delivery area to your current map. Select the incomplete triangle underneath the white search bar & click 'Add line or shape'.

4. To create another delivery area, choose a point where you want to begin & click on the map.

Note: If the shape of the area is incorrect, you don't need to delete it or start again, you can adjust the area later on.

5. Once all the lines are connected, a popup box will display for you to name your area & give it a description. By default this will be name Polygon 2. Your new delivery area will appear to the left hand side under your first delivery area created. The circular points along the delivery area you have created, can be expanded further, by dragging, if you need to alter the area. Press 'save' when you are happy with your area.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 to create any further delivery areas. 

7. When creating each delivery area, they will appear directly underneath your original delivery area on the left hand side. 

8. When you are happy with all your delivery areas created, you will need to export the whole map as a KML file.

9. To export as a KML file, click on the 3 vertical dots to the right hand side of the name of your map. Click the option 'Export to KML/KMZ' highlighted in grey.

10. A popup screen will appear. 'Entire map' should be selected & the tickbox for 'Export as KML instead of KMZ'

11. A new popup screen will appear to export your map. Tick the bottom option 'Export as KML, instead of KMZ', then click 'Download'.

12. After downloading your map, go into your back office > settings > mobile ordering.

13. Choose the 'Configure delivery' tab at the top of the screen.

**Check steps**

14. Scroll down to the 'Delivery radius' section & upload the KML file you have previously created into the 2nd map option? If you want to set a delivery fee, you can do that under the delivery fee section assigned to your map.

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