Improvements to deposit tracking on Z reports & in Xero

BarTab EPOS release 1.22 has brought with it significant improvements that simplify the tracking of deposit movements on Z reports and in Xero.

Accurately tracking deposits vs spend on a booking tab

Historically any spend on booking tabs over & above the deposit amount was recored as a further deposit and redemption. From BarTab release 1.22 only actual deposits will be recorded on the deposit account and any additional spend will be recorded as a direct payment against a sale.

Separating deposits from prepay member transactions

Deposits are now recorded separately from any prepay member transactions on Z reports, simplifying accounting & reconciliation for those sites using both deposits and prepay member balances. It is also now possible to map deposits and prepay member transactions to separate accounts in Xero.

Excluding standard loyalty member sales from the member account

Historically loyalty member transactions that don't involve a prepay balance were still recorded in the member account section of the Z report as member top ups & spend. These will now not be included in the member account, instead appearing on your Z report as direct sales and payments. 

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