Allocating sections to bar or kitchen screens

If your kitchen (or bar) is split into sections you can set sections against your products, then specify which order screens you would like each section to display on.

If you use printers as well or instead of order screens, you can also assign your printers to the sections that you want each to print.

Before allocating sections to order screens, you first need to have added your sections on your back office.

To configure your order screens on a particular iPad to only show products from a certain section, first go to the order screen you want to filter.

Then press the filter button in the top right of the order screen.

Then select the section (or sections) that you would like the order screen to display.

You will see that only products from the selected sections are displayed.


  • As with other order screen filters, filters will be applied to both the bar and the kitchen orders screens of the iPad.
  • Unlike other order screen filters, the section filters will only display the products that are allocated to the section so you won't see other items on the order. 

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