Optimising your rota

On the optimise rota tab you can see how your staff levels line up with the daily trends from the week you used to forecast your sales.

If you have entered figures for target sales per staff member and minimum staff level these will be used to give you tips on where you may be over or under-staffed.

Setting target sales and minimum staff
You can set your target sales per staff member and minimum staff level on the rota tab of the set up module.

Target sales per staff member - This is the value of sales per hour (net) that can be achieved by each staff member. If you already have some rotas in your system you can estimate this by looking at the optimise rota tab on some historic rotas and seeing what the sales per staff member was at a busy period where you feel you were optimally staffed.

Minimum staff level - This is the minimum number of staff you need to operate your venue regardless of the level of sales

You can change these settings at any time, so its possible to tweak your target sales per staff member as you learn more about what the optimal level should be.


Optimising your rota

To optimise your rota, click on the optimise rota tab. If you need to change the week that is being used for the sales data you can do this on the forecasts tab

Sales (net) - The grey graph shows your sales for the specified day by the hour.

Sales per staff - The red line shows the sales divided by the number of staff on shift during that hour.

Target sales per staff - The blue line shows the target you currently have set for sales per staff member

The table below the graph shows you:

  • Staff count - how many members of staff are on shift during that hour
  • Sales per staff - the sales per staff figure for that hour
  • Forecast over/under - an indication of where you may be over or under-staffed. 
    • If you would still be under your target sales per staff member with fewer staff, the system will indicate that you may be over-staffed
    • If you are over your target sales per staff member, the system will indicate that you may be under-staffed





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