Quick options

If you want to add a common set of options to multiple products, or you want to add options that impact pricing or stock, see the main product options & modifiers article.

If you quickly need to add some options to a single product, and they don't impact pricing or stock you can use quick options to add these directly to the product.

To add quick options e.g. how an item should be cooked, navigate to the product and click on the modifiers tab.

Underneath product options (which enables you to link any predefined sets of options to products) you will see "Quick Options".


Here you can type a name for the selection and then type each option the user can select (pressing enter after each).

You can also define how many options a user needs to select (Reg. selections) and the maximum they can select (Max selections).

You can have multiple steps of quick options on a product, just click "Add another product option" to add further steps.


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