Product options & modifiers

Some products that you sell will have options that the customer can select, such as how they would like a steak cooking, or what toppings they would like on their pizza.

These can be set by creating sets of options (e.g. cooking options, or pizza toppings), which can then be assigned to a product on the Modifiers tab.

If want to quickly add options to a single product, and the options won't impact price or stock, you can may want to do this using quick modifiers.

If you just need to add a fixed set of mixers to all of your spirits, you can do this using the default Mixers category.

1. Create the options as products 

If the options that a customer can select will have a price attached, or if you want to track stock for them (e.g. pizza toppings), you should first ensure the option exists as a product on your system. 

(If the options do not have pricing or impact stock you can skip this step).

If the product doesn't already exist, you can create it in the Food Options or Drinks Options categories, in your back office. Products created in these categories will not appear as buttons on your EPOS, but will be available as an option attached to another product.



If the options that a customer can select already exist elsewhere on your menu e.g. sides, there is no need to create them in the options categories, you can link directly to the existing product (see below).

Note: Products with measures cannot be used as product options so if you want to add a product with measures you will need to set up the measure you want to use in Drinks Options and add a recipe that links back to the correct quantity of your main product.

2. Create your option sets

An option set is a set of options that you want to attach to one or more products e.g. pizza toppings.

Once you have created products to represent the options you can create your option sets. 

To do this click the Product Options button, under the Products section of the back office.


You will see a list of any existing option sets, and a button to add a new option set.

Click Add a new option set.

Type the name of your new option set, then click on the + button on the right hand side.

Then click on the magnifying glass icon to edit the details of the option set.

Here you can add a Display name, that will be displayed on customer facing apps.

You can then add the options. For options that have a price or impact stock, you can link to the products you created in step 1.

For each option you can either use the price of the product or you can choose to override the price.

For products you have created specifically as options you will likely have already set the correct price, but for products that appear elsewhere on your menu, such as sides, you may want to attach a different price to the option than the price of that product when purchased on its own.

Once you are happy with the details entered, press the + button on the right-hand side to add the option and continue to add the other options.

Where you are adding options that don't impact price or stock, you can just enter the name of the option without linking it to a product e.g. cooking options.

If you need to re-order your options, click the grey arrow icon, to drag & drop your option set into the desired order. 

3. Link your option sets to your products

You can link your option sets to any of your products from the Options tab of the product. Simply select the option set from the dropdown list.

You can then state how many options a customer is required to select, and the maximum number of options that a customer can select.

You are able to add as many option sets as you like to one product.

Note: Each time a new option set is added, this will be ordered at the bottom of the option list.

If you need to re-order your option sets, click on the white arrows icon to the top right of the option set and drag & drop into position.


In the top right of the screen, a message will display to confirm the new order has been saved.

Press Sync changes in the orange task bar at the top of the screen to sync the changes to your EPOS.

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