Adding Mixers

The Mixers category gives you a quick and easy way to add a range of mixers that can be selected to go with your spirits.

You should use the mixers category if:

  • you have the same set of mixers for every spirit 
  • you only want customers to be able to add one mixer to a spirit on customer ordering apps
  • you don't need to add any additional custom options to your spirits 

If any of the above does not apply you should use product options instead of mixers.

Note: If you have both mixers and product options on the same product, the product options will display and the mixers will not.

To access the mixers category click on Products and then Mixers.


Within the mixers category you can add any products that you would like to be displayed when there is an option to add a mixer. 


If a product is used both as a mixer and a soft drink you can use a recipe to link the mixer to the soft drink from a stock point of view.


Alternatively, if the quantity used for the mixer is the same as the soft drink, such as a bottle of tonic, then you can just allocate the same product to the soft drinks and the mixers category.


Once you have set up you mixers they will display after any product is put through that has the show mixer options checkbox ticked.


Any products you create using the "Spirit & Mixer" template button will have this ticked automatically.




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