Discounts report

The discounts report will show you the total value of any discounts used, as well as the breakdown across wet, dry & other. 

To view the discounts report go into your back office & select Reporting > Discounts.

Date Range

When opening the discount report, it will automatically display information for the last 7 days. To change the range, click the date field. A calendar popup will display & you can select the time from the clock icon.

This can be amended in both the from and to fields.


The totals boxes at the top will show discount information relating to the date range you have selected.

  • Total amount - The value of discounts used within the range selected
  • Total wet - The value of discounts applied to products from the wet category
  • Total dry - The value of discounts applied to products from the dry category
  • Total other - The value of any other discounts not assigned to the wet or dry categories.


Under the totals, you will see a breakdown of each discount used within the date range selected. You will be able to see the discount reason, the discount, tab name, amount, who processed the discount & the time including date.

Grouping options

You can group the discounts by different criteria's.

  • Discount reason - The discount used
  • By - The staff member who processed the discount

You can furthermore sort the order of the discounts displayed in either ascending or descending order, by clicking on the title name of the column.


If you would like to search for a singular discount, you can do so by typing the name of the discount in the search box to the right of the screen.

Note: When searching for a discount, only the total amount of discount will display in the total boxes.

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